Project highlights

EAMNet fellow continues collaboration through new project

Dr Kwame Adu Agyekum, an EAMNet fellow and researcher from the ECOWAS Marine Centre, has visited Plymouth Marine Laboratory during the first week of February 2017, as part of the Integrated Service for Surveillance of Illegal, Unlicensed and Unreported Fishing (InSUre) project. His involvement, as a co-Investigator in the project, demonstrates the legacy of EAMNet as a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, and most importantly in developing scientific research and outputs to provide real impact in developing countries. 

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is the Regional implementation centre for the monitoring of coastal and marine...

EAMNet wins charity award

EAMNet was recognised for its significant contribution to capacity building in Africa by the UK’s Charity Awards. The Charity Awards is Civil Society Media’s annual awards programme which is held to identify, recognise and reward those organizations doing exceptional work in all areas of charitable activity. 

The award recognised EAMNet’s commitment to international research to help society understand and manage the resources of our global ocean and the project and the entry was described by...

Using remote sensing data to understand West African sardine fisheries

Remote sensing technologies provide the ideal platform to monitor large areas with a relatively low cost and a recent fellowship enabled Dr Ahon Jean-Baptise Kassi from CURAT to visit PML in the UK to use state-of-the-art ocean-colour remote-sensing observations, indices of phytoplankton phenology (bloom timing), and reanalysis data products of wind to improve understanding of the variability of catches of the fish species Sardinella aurita in Ivorian waters.

The Ivorian continental shelf, located within the Large Marine Ecosystem of the Gulf of Guinea, is strongly subject to anthropogenic pressures associated with increased population, unsustainable...

EAMNet scientists win top prizes in lesson writing competition

Two EAMNet scientists have won the top two competition prizes in the ESA LearnEO! Lesson writing competition.  The first prize went to Marie-Fanny Racault and Dionysios Raitsos from Plymouth Marine Laboratory for their less on “Monitoring phytoplankton seasonality: phenology indices and their importance for coral reef biology”. 

The jury described the lesson as “very well prepared with excellent background information… both informative and interesting.  The two authors are clearly experts in the field...

The EAMNet project was partially funded by the European Commission Framework 7 Programme under Space Call SPA.2009.3.2.01 International Cooperation
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